Smart timer:

·   Included all Chess tournament rules, also can be set as user want to
·   Memory button
·   Easy to use
·   Lower battery power consumption can use for 600 hours at least
·   The timer with the most functionality; accuracy; and completeness in game rules

We also has Qin horses and soldiers chess sets;
walnut wood chess sets


Magnetic Folding-Board Travelling GO-set
Unfolded at 35cmX37cm,our product matches the same quality of those made in Japan.
China Chess Association often use it as the perfect gift presented to friends of oversea ,and the product now gains excellent recognition in Korea and Japan.As we now travel a lot more often, superior from those commonly available products in the market place.,this product will provide you the quality of life in enjoying the game throughout your trip.
Magnetic Rolling-Board Travelling GO-set
A new traveling product line for those who prefer to roll the game board up to 35cmX8cm in size.for storing.This product is made from imported magnetized plastic, coated with high quality imprint.that guarantees enjoyment for the years to come.