About us

Founded in 2001, Quanqi Technology Co.Ltd is a sino-foreign joint venture focus on Chess and Go games related hi-tech products. Current major popular products are£º
¡¤ Timer with voice count down
¡¤  Smart timer
¡¤  Magnetic Folding Board Traveling Go-Set
¡¤  Magnetic Rolling Board Traveling Go-Set
Three years of R&D ,products from Quanqi today are not just being widely used,the Go-timer is also being designated as the official timer used for any and all domestic and international organized by the China Chess Association.
Our timer not only ensure accuracy, fairness, but provide also a vehicle to learn about the rules in varies tournaments, this is one of the major reason Quanqi closely workes with Go-associations domestically and internationally to promote Go tournament rules education and our products are widely accepted in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan ,India and USA